Leeroy Wong

Leeroy Wong

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Hi all, I am Leeroy from Sarawak. I am from Kuching, but currently living in KL !😄 I create contents on Youtube - at least one video a week. Vlog, Prank, Unboxing, Food are all my favourite contents! If you want to prank your friends, you have come to the right person 😜😜 Check out my YouTube channel!


哈喽大家好我是Leeroy! 我是砂拉越人! 我是古晋人目前住在Kuala Lumpur! 每个星期都一定会有最少一个影片哦! Vlog,恶整,开箱,搞怪,美食介绍 等等!如果你想要prank你朋友,那你就找对人了 😜😜

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