Dr. Harrie Ng Soon Poh

Dr. Harrie Ng Soon Poh

Medical Doctor
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Meet Dr. Ng Soon Poh, better known as Dr. Harrie. With over 8 years of working experience in various fields such as Psychiatry, Urology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, he is a certified medical doctor under the Malaysian Medical Council, currently performing his duties at KL Medical Clinic.

He also has 5 years of experience specializing in spiritual and energy healing. His methods include Western medicine, Chinese medicine, natural medicine, energy healing, spiritual healing, metaphysic and emotional healing. Having understanding in both Western and Chinese medicinal fields, Dr. Harrie combines both practices in a scientific manner for a holistic diagnosis of his patients.

Now after attending over 30 courses (excluding courses on Western Medicine), Dr. Harrie is eager to share his knowledge to a bigger audience via Goceb Calls. Check out some of his notable achievements below:

  1. England International Angelic Reiki Master Teacher
  2. Money Reiki Master Teacher
  3. The Egyptian Mystery Holy Land Training Tour
  4. Bach flower Remedies Level 2
  5. Zi Wei Dou Shu Academy Malaysia Practitioner
  6. Egyptian Mystery Training Workshop
  7. Merkaba Advanced Level Activation Workshop
  8. Teacher Instructor of the Galaxy Superconscious DNA Activation
  9. Galactic Cosmic Rays Enlightment Foundation Workshop
  10. Practitioner of Magnified Healing Third Phase Light Healing (US)
  11. Meditation Basic technique workshop
  12. Dragon Mystery Power Course
  13. The Energy Healer & Practitioner Defense Technology Workshop
  14. Akashic Record Practitioner
  15. The International Center for Reiki Training Registered Karuna Reiki Master
  16. Universal Reiki Master Teacher
  17. Fengshui at a Glance Certificate by Chinese Metaphysic Academy
  18. Malaysia Recognised Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist (P.Ch) 
  19. Member of National Hypnotherapists’Register of Malaysia
  20. NLP basic practitioner 


Dr. Harrie is fluent in Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, English & Malay.

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