Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Q: What is Goceb?

A: Goceb is a platform where fans can book personalized video shoutouts from their favourite celebrities or influencers. Our mission is to create the most personalized fan experience and make someone’s day.

Q: How do I contact the goceb team?

A: You can contact us at One of the team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: How much does it cost for each Goceb personalized video?

A: The cost of a Goceb personalized video is set by each of the celebrities in Goceb; therefore the price will depend on which celebrity that you request! The price is shown on the booking page of every celebrity.

Important Note:Talent can change their price at any time. You will be charged the price in effect when you book your Goceb video. If your request has expired (for example, the talent becomes unavailable for a short period of time, and the talent has increased the booking price when they become available again), you would need to pay the new (and then-current) booking price.

Q: How does Goceb work?

A: First, pick your favourite from our list of celebrities. Secondly, fill in your request (i.e. happy birthday shout-out, motivating message, anniversary wishes etc.) Then, the personalized video will be delivered to you within 7 days of booking. Go ahead and get one now and surprise your loved ones!

Q: What are the payment options?

A: You can either pay by:

  • Online banking (Billplz)
  1. Please ensure your pop-up blocker is disabled.
  2. Select Billplz as your payment option at your selected merchant website.
  3. Select your preferred bank and you will be directed to the Internet banking log-in page.
  4. Once the transaction is successful, you will receive separate notifications from the merchant, your bank and FPX. 
  5. Transaction status from your merchant will be the final confirmation status.
  • Credit & Debit Card (Visa & Mastercard)

To save a new card, you may click 'Add a new card' at Credit/Debit payment option. To remove a card, click edit at the selected card, and proceed to click the 'X' 

All our payment gateways capture payments in Malaysian Ringgit. If you check out in a currency other than your credit card's currency, you may be subject to a currency-conversion fee from your card issuer. We recommend consulting your credit card provider for information on any applicable fees.

Q: Is my payment secure?


Stripe is a payment gateway operator registered with Bank Negara Malaysia. In terms of security, Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification.

When you submit your credit card information, including CVV,  Stripe will encrypt the info and security transmit to issuers for payment verification and approval. For any issue, we can help to raise the concern to the Payment Gateway.

Q: How will I receive my Goceb video once it’s completed?

A: Goceb team will whatsapp or email you the video as per your preferred receiving method. 

Is there any limitation for the content that requests the celebrity?

Q: Are there any rules for Goceb video requests?

A: We like to keep the video as authentic to our talents. Requests involving racial slur, explicit, politics-related, actions that deem inappropriate and potentially damage the talents’ image, the request will be rejected. 

A: What happens if I am unhappy with my Goceb personalized video?

Q: Goceb personalized video may not be returned or exchanged and no refunds will be issued.

Q: If I am a celebrity, how can I join Goceb?

A: Yes, welcome to join us! You can contact us via email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: What happens if my request is rejected?

A: Goceb team will notify you about the rejected request and a refund will be arranged. 

Q: Can I share my goceb video on social media?

A: Yes. You have a non-commercial and personal license to use it forever, subject to terms and conditions.